Complete Financial Outsourcing

Why should our company outsource?

Outsourcing will save you money, time and efficiently computerize your business accounting. CFO absorbs the costs of all the computers, equipment and software upgrades. Also by hiring a service instead of an employee in your office, your company saves on payroll taxes. Most businesses only need a part time accountant/bookkeeper that are only available the hours spent in your office. CFO is available for question and project execution all week with a simple phone call. You pay a fee that is equivalent to a part time accountant and receive a full time staff.

Who controls our business files?

CFO securely and confidentially takes care of retrieving all your company’s bills and other documents in order to organize and prioritize the documents each week. CFO files documents all alphabetically and saves extensive administrative work and time.

What if a vendor calls requesting for payment status on a bill?

CFO can handle all these vendor calls since we have your company’s computer file and invoices in the CFO office. You simply give the vendor our phone number; 610-203-6666 and we do the research for you.

Does CFO handle payroll?

Yes.  CFO handles payroll through QuickBooks and strives to be your one-stop solution.

Will I be able to see a CFO employee or do I just mail off my bills?

CFO will meet with each client at least once a week. We can then advise the client on your current financial situation and help plan for the future.

How do bills actually get paid?

Each week CFO will bring you laser checks that the client has specified to be printed. CFO will fax the client your current accounts payable listing with your balance. This will allow you to prioritize vendor payments. After you sign them, CFO will attach the check stub to the invoice, file and mail the bills for you.

How are accounts receivable handled?

CFO will give the client a list of your outstanding accounts receivable each week. CFO can either email or mail the  statements if delinquent or follow up with direct phone calls.

Top ten reasons to outsource:

  1. No overhead
  2. No immediate supervision
  3. No payroll taxes
  4. No benefits
  5. No equipment
  6. No office supplies
  7. No office space
  8. No software required
  9. No turnover
  10.  No employee lawsuits

Sales/Service: 610-203-6666
Fax: 610-590-4945
Chester Springs, PA
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